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Do You Need Joint Review Drawings and Calculations

At J Lowry, LLC, we have been at the forefront of the Boiler & Pressure Vessel (BPV) / Tank Codes and Consultation market since our establishment in 2017. With a strong foundation of manufacturing experience and extensive Code knowledge, we take pride in our industry leadership. As a family-owned outsource design firm, we offer in-house level design and support services to Certificate holders of all sizes, making us an asset to your company’s workforce.

With our deep expertise in ASME Code, Design, and Manufacturing, we leverage our industry experience to provide clients with the necessary expertise and advice to create safe, cost-effective products. Constantly striving to enhance our ability to deliver the best service possible, the Lowry family has assembled a team of industry experts to drive our company forward under the leadership of our founder and president.

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Does your Manufacturing company need an outsourced “Responsible Charge” to ensure you comply with the new Appendix 47?  Don’t hesitate to contact J Lowry, LLC for more information about Appendix 47 requirements or a written quote for drawings and calculations.

To further help your company meet the new requirements we will supply the Quality Control Manual language updates, exhibits, appointment letters, and maintain the “Responsible Charge’s” requirements for your business.